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Happy Tails
wolfie2 wolfie

Wolfie – UP 30 & the Keck Family (2014)

We adopted him on September 14. He was part of the UP 30. He has become a part of our family. He now sleeps in the house, still a little bit shy, and his finding his way around the house (he is blind). He is such a sweetheart. Thank you for letting us adopt him ♣♣♣


Kuda (FKA Bandit) & The Ratcliff Family (2010)

We adopted Kuda in 2010 before Thanksgiving. He was tied to a tree with his parents and siblings. Hairy Houdini rescued our Kuda and his brother. I found his picture on Facebook and told my dad we had to get this dog. And we did. He’s five years old now, sassy and loves his cookies and cuddles. Kuda rescued us just as much has we did for him! I love him and he better live forever!


Aurora & The Shinew Family (2014)

Aurora, 10 months old, has been in our home for only a few days, but she is starting to act like Queen of the house. She will follow us around like a shadow… Even into the shower .


Juno & The Emmons Family (2013)

Here is one of our best friends Juno born blind at birth but don’t let him know! Adopted for HHSR almost 2 years ago and has settled in nicely after living in a kennel almost 4 years. Here he is enjoying life as a house dog. He runs and plays just like any other dog. We just love him to death!


Wolfgang & The Kosters Family (2012)

Wolfgang (center) joined our family 2 years ago from HHSHR. He is the sweetest husky I have ever met! He loves running in the yard with his pack, sleeping in the shower, and riding shotgun in the car. Can’t imagine life without him!

eagle_jax2 eagle_jax

Eagle, Jax & The Priebe Family

Eagle and Jax. Both about 6 years old. Jax is my main man, I’ve had him for about 5 years and he’s the cutest most friendly dude ever. I got Eagle almost a year ago and she has come so far. They get along great now after getting used to each other. They always want to play and run together. I will always adopt from HHSHR!

aspen aspen2

Aspen (FKA Pixie) & The Schiller Family

Aspen formerly known as Pixie is living life to the fullest with her big little brother Ajax !


Nemo & The Juhnke Family

Nemo touches the hearts of all he meets. Everyone always asks if they can keep this sweet little boy, but at the end of the day he loves being with his original pack.


Hannah & The Shields Family (2010)

Miss Hannah – we adopted her 4 years ago and as you can tell she really doesn’t like her picture taken. She goes on 6 miles walks with dad at night and she loves to go in the van for rides. She doesn’t like to be alone in the house, so we take her almost everywhere with us. If they would allow her to go in the doctors office with me, she would be there too. We love her soo much and no she is not spoiled at all.


Blue, Blaze & The Smith Family (2011)

These are brothers blue and blaze, HHSHR saved them not once but twice, and they are the loves our lives! We feel very blessed to have them!

buster buster2

Buster & The Builta Family (2011)

We got him on May 1, 2011, at a year of age. He is a Husky-Shar Pei mix, confirmed by the vet. He is a perfect 25 pound “mini” Husky. He LOVES to be around us and loves anything we do, especially snuggling.

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