I AGREE that by submitting this application, with or without a signature, will certify that all the information on this application is true and complete and that no one in the household where the pet will reside has ever been convicted of animal abuse:

I AGREE to care for this dog humanely (including adequate food, shelter, water and veterinary care) and to license this dog in accordance with the laws of the area in which I reside.

I AGREE to keep the dog as a pet, to be exercised in a fenced yard or on a leash and to not be allowed to roam freely.

I AGREE to accept all responsibility for the behavior of the dog I have chosen to adopt.

I AGREE that the dog shall not be used for medical or any other experimental purpose or sold or given to a pet store, supplier or wholesaler.

I AGREE to release Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue, and any volunteers acting as an agent of HHSHR, from any and all liability in association with any illness of the dog or any damage or injury caused by the dog while in my/our possession. The pet I am adopting is of unknown background and no guarantee exists as to the dogs past health or temperament.

It is understood that a representative of the rescue group may examine and make inquiry about the said dogs at any time. If not satisfied with the condition of the dog or the conditions in which it is being kept, that the dog can be removed and placed in a different home.

Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue REQUIRES that if you decide, at any point in time, that you are no longer able to keep your pet you must return the pet to HHSHR, no questions asked. You are agreeing to not sell, trade, or dispose of this dog in any way. If you have a relative or friend that wishes to adopt your pet, they must go through our application process.

Please understand that this comprehensive process has been developed to protect the animals that are in our care. Many of these animals have suffered extreme hardship and have been victims of abuse, neglect or undesirable situations. It is the mission of HHSHR to place these incredible animals in loving permanent homes with worthy families.

When you sign below, you acknowledge that you have read the above information, agree to the terms of this contract and are in agreement with our application process. Electronic signatures accepted.